The Story of Asha

In a sunny city far away, there once lived the most beautiful cat you have ever seen. Her name was Aurora and she was pure white and soft like fresh snow. She was a big, healthy cat with a lean frame and long legs and long swishy tail. She had a pretty face with a small pink nose and big green eyes. She lived in a happy home with a family of humans who loved her very much, gave her lots of good food and snuggles and games. One day, when she gave birth to just one tiny white kitten, her family were even happier, now they had a mini-Aurora!



The baby kitten lived happily with her beautiful mama. She knew she was lucky to be an only-kitten and not have to share her mama with brothers and sisters. She snuggled up to Aurora and enjoyed being bathed by her. She liked to purr and trill in her mama’s ear. And she liked to watch her mama with the humans; they were so kind to her, and Aurora loved to be near them. The kitten idolised her mama, and Aurora adored her beautiful baby girl with the jet black eyes.

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Little Lady Lulu-belle


Lulu is one of the litter of four found by Jonna of Pawsome Cats on the side of the road, aged just one week old. When they were aged two weeks, they all came to live with me as my first bottle babies, and as fosters.


Never having had a tortoiseshell kitty before, Lulu is a fascinating riot of colours. Mostly golden, there are also various shades of cream and brown in her fur, accentuated with black and topped off with a grey-tipped tail! As the runt of the litter, Lulu was a tiny little precious baby, the last one whose ears unfolded, and the last one whose eyes opened. And of course when they opened – both ears and eyes – they were destined to be huge! Continue reading