The Quest for Harmony| Kai Update

As you know from my last post, I’ve been having issues with peeing in the house and fighting. The primary culprit is Kai, who came to me as a feral and is still very fearful. He likes to pick on Lulu, as the meekest in the household, and also does a lot of territorial peeing. Of course the other kitties then follow suit and the house smells like a toilet.

We’ve been using vinegar as a cleaning agent for a long time, and bleach has been abolished (the ammonia smell can attract cats to pee on the area). But the house was still smelly. We did have some improvement whereby the kitties stopped peeing on soft surfaces and only peed on floors and bench tops. That was a minor improvement.

Kai and I have 1:1 time when he goes to his room

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The World According to Chico


by Chico Loco.

Last night I had a special treat – I was allowed to stay outside of the cats room and roam the house. I had to share the privilege with Lulu and Pip, but I know mum really just wanted me to be close.


I spent most of the night roaming the house checking the ceilings for lizards. As I am the only true hunter in the house, this daily duty has fallen to me to fulfil and I can tell you, it’s a big responsibility. Normally during the daytime I have to work hard to uncover any wildlife that has been lurking since night time, but last night I was able to keep on top of the workload with regular patrols. Each room has to be checked thoroughly, one by one, and if there are small bugs or mosquitoes I need to deal with those also. When the entire house has been scanned, I have a little snack, a drink of water, then I race into mum’s room and jump on her in bed to wake her up and assure her she’s safe. Mum usually rolls around which is fun – I’ve become really good at body surfing, and I like to make sure when I’m on mum’s bed that I’m always touching her. So I walk along her legs and and arms to get to her face, then I settle on her neck or chest to tell her about my successes and after a little nap, I start the whole process again.



Last night I did about five circuits of the house, and when I did the final one, Pip and Lulu had started galloping around the house so I joined in for a while. I think mum was really pleased that we were having so much fun because she got up and let the others out of their room and fed us even though it was only 5am, a full hour before we usually get breakfast.



I was pretty hungry after being on shift all night. And also I’m not eating as much during the day. Mum has started putting biscuits in my wet food at lunch time and I don’t like it much. I love my wet food and I love my biscuits but I don’t want them mixed together. So instead of eating lunch, I just make my soundless, pitiful air-meow at mum to make her know I’m not happy. I eat extra breakfast and dinner to make up for the lost meal, but I’m sure I’m thinner already and mum will stop this awful practice once she sees that I’m wasting away.

After giving us brekky and cleaning up our room, mum went back to bed for a snooze. I’m not sure why she was so tired, she had about five naps last night but anyway…. We all came to keep her company on and under her bed, and I sat right next to her pillow and cleaned my feet and chewed all my toenails. In fact we all stayed awake grooming ourselves and mum couldn’t have been so tired after all because she mostly tossed and turned.


Then when mum got up, we all settled in for a snooze on her bed because it had started raining outside.