Welcome to the Kitty Central blog! If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Facebook for a while, you probably know all about us so you can skip this post. For newbies, here is the background on Pip, Maxi, Asha, Kai, Chico, Lulu, Tully, Shay, and how we all came to be known as Kitty Central.

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I am Michelle, and I’m Australian. I came to the Philippines on a three month business trip in 2009, which was well-timed because my 18 year old kitty Milo had just died. I ended up staying three years! Then I was despatched to India for a year, and rather than be repatriated, I left my corporate job and headed back to the Philippines. I loved life here, had made fantastic friends so decided to call it home. And what’s the first thing you do when you put down roots? You get a kitty of course!
Over the next 12 months I brought ten kitties into my home, and only two of the five fosters went to new homes. In January 2015 I relocated from Manila to Cebu to start my own company, and flew with eight cats in seven 342-604cages. I now have seven former-street cats aged from 8 – 18 months and they fill my days with joy with their funny antics. They have huge personalities, generally get along well, and showcase the awesome toys and furniture I’ve been fortunate to provide them with.

I hope you enjoy this peek into the life of a foster fail Aussie and seven crazy kitties and also see what a beautiful place I have the privilege to reside in – the Philippines.



My current kitties: Pip, Asha, Kai, Chico, Lulu, Tully, Shay

Former kitties: Maxi, Munro, Leyte, The Fosters


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  1. Was thinking of setting up a blog on my kittens too but i have no idea where to start, especially now theyre a little bit older, going on to 11months for the oldest. Your website is so awesome, might serve as an inspiration to mine in the future. :)

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