The Cats’ Room and Toys at Kitty Central

Most of the kitties of Kitty Central go in the cats’ room at night from about 10pm until 6am, when breakfast is served outside. The plan was for all of them to spend the night in there –its certainly big enough and has enough beds and toys! But when there is tension I worry about the more timid kitties being bullied. So sometimes Lulu and Tully (the timid ones) stay out of the room, sometimes it’s Kai and Asha (the bullies). The tabby princes Harper and Finn aren’t yet in the big cats’ room – they will move in a few weeks.

The video below shows the cats’ room, kitten room, the two catios and the crazy cat lady lounge and I have provided a list of the furniture, beds and toys you can see there. I have included links to Amazon. If you make a purchase using these links, I receive a small commission, which is directed to the cat charities that I support – CARA, Island Rescue Organisation and Purrhaven Cat Sanctuary.

Remember though, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a happy cat. A ball of tin foil, a piece of string, a paper bag, a cardboard box and a lot of love will keep every kitty happy. Mine had a horrible and scary start to their little furry lives, and I am fortunate to be able to provide them with every luxury to make up for it.



Video: Cat Room Part 1

Video: Cat Room Part 2

Back wall – Furniture & Toys

Side wall – Furniture & Toys

  • Cat tree, locally made in the Philippines. The rope has been completely pulled off the top section and I will need to glue it back soon. The kitties love it when I drag this tree from their room into the lounge – they all jump on for a ride.
  • Cat scratcher
  • Water fountain – we have 3 of these around the house. Their water is spiked with Rescue Remedy and mineral drops. The water is topped up daily, the fountain scrubbed weekly and the filter replaced every two weeks.
  • Feliway diffuser – there are 3 of these around the house to try to manage stress in our multi-cat household.
  • Catit Play Circuit toy
  • Wooden shelves – this is just timber from the hardware store mounted with brackets
  • Hammock under the shelf
  • Furry stairs are spare parts from an old cat condo
  • Much loved cardboard box also acts as steps to the cat flap
  • Cat flap leads onto a catio made with local wood, chicken wire and mosquito netting. It has multiple shelves and sleeping perches, see the video below.

Window Wall – Furniture & Toys

  • Window Hammocks – we have one window hammock in the cats’ room and two on this catio. There are another 3 inside the house and 2 more outside.
  • Cat condo from Amazon – we have two of these big condos, one in the CCL lounge room, and this one.
  • Cube toy
  • Tunnels – we have a couple of regular tunnels and a three-way tunnel and I join them together. They love these to be dragged around the house, some kitties will hop inside for a ride, while others will run alongside smacking any little furry heads that pop out of the opening.


The bathroom has 6 litter trays in it. There are 4 others around the house and one outside. We mostly use World Best Cat Litter (the multi-cat variety) though we sometimes get another brand. I recently stopped in case it was irritating Asha’s eyes. Our litter trays are scooped at least 3 times a day and if someone drops a stink-bomb. They are scrubbed weekly and baking soda sprinkled over the top daily.



The Catios were built locally on-site. There is one at the back of the cats’ room, and another at the back of the Crazy Cat Lady (CCL Lounge).

Cats’ Room Catio


Video: Catio 1 – outside

Video: Catio 1 – inside 1

Video: Catio 1 – Inside 2

CCL Lounge Catio

There is another Catio, off the CCL Lounge (see below)

Video: Catio 2



Video: Kitten Room

The tabby princes, Harper and Finn, don’t sleep in the main cats’ room just now. One day soon they will, as this room is a guest room.


Video: CCL 1

Video: CCL 2

My house has a ridiculously large master bedroom, which I use instead for a lounge where the cats can also hang out while I’m watching TV or working on the sofa. I use the adjacent study as a bedroom. The proper lounge room looks like a normal person lives here and has no cat stuff :-)

  • Wall hammock and wall stairs from @kittytektura in the Philippines
  • Big Tom climbing pole from Hicat
  • Cat condo from Amazon – we have two of these big condos, this one, and one in the Cats’ room
  • Small cat tree, locally made
  • Window Hammocks – we have three window hammock in the this room and one on the CCL catio
  • Pip’s wheel is from Maclaw


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5 thoughts on “The Cats’ Room and Toys at Kitty Central

  1. Hi Michelle.
    Your cats are so very fortunate to have you as their mom. They live well, clean, safe and especially loved. I’ll be right over.
    I have a question about the cat litter. What is the size of each piece? Is it the size of a corn kernel or is it move like very coarse salt? It sounds like a great litter but my cats don’t seem to like the bigger pieces.
    Love all your cats, posts and delightful stories.

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