October Snapshot

If you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook, this is a summary of our adventures in October. We didn’t know it then, but it would be the calm before the storm of November….

I didn’t travel anywhere in October, and we had no houseguests. So we settled into our routine, which involved me working longer hours during the week than the kitties would like, and then working on the sofa on the weekend when they would prefer I was out in the garden watching them run around.


To make up for my poor performance as their human, I found some extra sources of amusement for the crew. Never previously very interested in boxes, I received a delivery in a perfect shaped cardboard box; short enough for them to see out of if I cut holes in it. I cut a access holes in the top and side and two peep holes, and then sealed it up. What a hit! Pip and Shay loved it the most, but all the kitties had wild fun with it.

2015-10-10_1444516386 2015-10-10_1444519409 2015-10-12_1444608214 2015-10-12_1444688029

About the same time, a friend sent me a video of a couple of cats enjoying a large iceblock. The video showed a balloon being filled from the tap and then frozen, then the balloon peeled off. I used a bowl instead (we don’t drink tap water) and tried a few variations with water and pet milk. Kai of course was a bit scared of it, but all the kitties enjoyed lapping at the cold block.

2015-10-15_1444907399 2015-10-15_1444912546 2015-10-15_1444945422 2015-10-17_1445124973 2015-10-18_1445128701 2015-10-24_1445651530

One afternoon we had a lot of excitement in the garden. Lulu, Shay and Tully made the silly decision to stay under a bush when a light sprinkling of rain came down, which quickly became torrential. They sat in the downpour and wailed for help! Armed with a huge umbrella, I dashed out to get them, but Tully and Lulu were terrified of the umbrella so dashed for cover. Shay allowed herself the indignity of rescue.

Another day I looked out into the garden to see Tully by the edge of the pool, eyes as big as saucers, watching a little mouse streaming away from him in the water. The little mousey got to the other side and started swimming along the edge, trying but unable to climb out. Tully was still on the other side, transfixed! I grabbed a net and scooped the mousey out and tossed him into the bushes, where he shook himself off, panting heavily and then scampered off.

Darling Pipi turned 2 in October, though I let the team down by completely forgetting.



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One thought on “October Snapshot

  1. Such beautiful babies. I follow you on Instagram as well, and have seen your two new tabby additions.
    They are so adorable, I am tabby biased though, because I have two cuties of my own. I love their stripes.
    Welcome to the tabby club. Finn and Harper.

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