Little Lady Lulu-belle

Lulu is one of the litter of four found by Jonna of Pawsome Cats on the side of the road, aged just one week old. When they were aged two weeks, they all came to live with me as my first bottle babies, and as fosters.


Never having had a tortoiseshell kitty before, Lulu is a fascinating riot of colours. Mostly golden, there are also various shades of cream and brown in her fur, accentuated with black and topped off with a grey-tipped tail! As the runt of the litter, Lulu was a tiny little precious baby, the last one whose ears unfolded, and the last one whose eyes opened. And of course when they opened – both ears and eyes – they were destined to be huge!



Lulu struggled with her weight for the first 14 weeks of her little life, always thin and bony despite a reasonable appetite. She was playful, but quiet and placid and loved to snuggle up to her sister Leyte, from whom I hoped she would never be separated. All the babies were weighed daily and I had a big wall chart, graphing their progress. When I posted it to Instagram, a #teamlulu hashtag was created by a follower to cheer her on. She had a lot of fans!




As she grew, her unique colouring revealed itself even more. On the top of her head she has almost a chequerboard design – alternating squares of gold and black. Her whiskers are black on one side and white on the other, and her eyebrow whiskers are also different colours, but opposite! One of her feet is almost completely black, the other is multi-coloured. Absolutely fascinating.

tag_kcs_fosters_1404741580Lulu was friends with everyone and (later) was even somewhat tolerated by Miss Maxi as the two quietest kitties in a raucous household.


When Lulu went to her “forever” home with her brother and sister, she was the only kitty not renamed. I remember wondering if it was because her new mother loved her name so much, or if she didn’t care much for Lulu. There was something that nagged at me about the whole situation so I wasn’t too surprised that she ultimately surrendered her.


Lulu became sick in her new home, and needed medical care and when I was asked to help, I found Lulu to be in a dire situation. She was extremely thin, covered in poop and pus. Her ears and nose were gunked up – the poor little thing spent two weeks at the vet trying to regain her strength and eliminate her diarrhoea. When she came home with me in the car she was so pleased to see me! She kept biting my face which I didn’t know was a sign of affection.


Since then Lulu has gained weight but she will always be a petite little kitty. With Tully and Shay getting bigger, Lulu is now the smallest kitty in the house again.

tag-kcs-fosters-1404397113 Golden Lulu


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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Love your gallery and would love to have a bigger house to fill it with kitties. ?????
    I have always adore cats and thought I was mad until IG.came into my life. Our new adopted cat is a tortoiseshell and her name is Kitty.

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