A Brief Word on Poo

If you’ve never had a bottle-baby and never intend to, please skip this post. If you are wondering why anyone would write about poo, please skip this post. Only someone who has been through hand-rearing a baby kitten would understand why I feel compelled to make a brief statement about poo.

Baby kittens can’t poop or pee on their own, the mama cat licks their genitals to stimulate defecation, and then cleans it up. When the baby doesn’t have a mama to do this, they need help. Not peeing or pooping can cause serious health issues, and I know one sad foster parent who had to have a kitten euthanized when he was unable to poop unassisted.

Every foster parent I know has gone through the trauma of a constipated kitten. It happened with my first litter when I had to switch formula; the formula they were started on at the vet wasn’t readily available. The second litter were switched from mama’s milk to formula. In both cases, days would pass without poo, though they peed very easily. The first litter were whipped off to the vet in the middle of the night; the veterinarian was much more proficient at de-pooping them than I was, and she also recommended coconut oil to get things moving. So with Tully and Shay, my second batch, I just started them on the coconut oil as soon as a day passed without movement.

Cats love coconut oil, it’s 100% fat of course, and has a delicious flavour. It’s good for their coats, their eyes and their digestion – and it’s a miracle for constipation. I started the little ones at 0.1 ml per day, then increased to 0.1 ml twice per day, up to 0.1 ml four times per day and then – bingo!

Lyn and I were sitting in the warm room, de-pooping Tully and Shay, when they let rip. These kittens were about 13 centimetres long (5″), but managed to expel about three metres of poop (10 feet) in a long, firm,  continuous stream. There was so much we were scrambling to get enough cloths and tissues to clean it up, trying to rotate the kittens to let the poop form a spiral! Fellow foster parents would understand the joy that such a stream of poo can cause.

That’s it about poop. Normal programming returns tomorrow with non-poop related posts.



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