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I get asked a lot about what my kitties eat. They are big (especially for local street cats) and healthy and have beautiful coats. This post contains links to the supplies I use; if you purchase after clicking the Amazon link, I receive a small commission – this money is directed to cat related charities – PurrHaven and CARA.x2015-07-18_1437192310



Indoor cats require smaller, more frequent meals than outdoor cats to help with boredom, so even though my kitties are now allowed in the garden, they are fed on a regular schedule of 6am, 12nn, 6pm. They have a small serving of wet food at each feed (about a tablespoon each) and 2 separate bowls of biscuits to share. I used to have biscuits available all the time for free-feeding; my cat in Sydney was very good at regulating his own diet and was never overweight, however not all my kitties do this and with this crew, Kai and Chico tend to overeat.

Pip has excellent metabolism, he is very energetic, eats a huge amount of food, but is always very slim. Kai is a big, muscular cat, heavier than Pip and not quite so energetic. Poor Asha eats like a bird, she picks at her wet food and dry food yet gains weight easily. She is currently overweight. After months of trying to get Lulu to gain weight, she is a healthy size; she is a petite cat with a nice round tummy. Chico is a naughty little piglet – he inhales his wet food, eats any that the others leave, then moves on to the biscuits. He’s currently a little overweight. Shay is like Pip – very energetic and very slim, but she has a small appetite too. Tully is a mini-Chico – eats a lot and pushes other cats out of the way to get more, more, more wet food! But he doesn’t like biscuits.


The wet food they eat is grain free, and usually Pride (Ritzy’s Rabbit, Daredevil’s Duck, Lovebug’s Lamb, Wellness – they prefer the minced varieties, Taste of the Wild. In the Philippines we buy from Bow & Wow. The biscuits were Royal Canin when they were little, but now it’s mostly Halo brand or Taste of the Wild.

All the kitties go to bed at 10pm and they get three dinner plate sized platters of treats. There’s usually something fresh, something dried and something crunchy, so fresh chicken breast, freeze dried liver, chicken or shrimpGreenies or Wellness biscuits. I also squirt some vitamins around the edges – Tully runs from platter to platter licking the vitamins off! They are wonderful for underweight or sick kitties as they are high energy and the cats love them.

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