Sunday in the Life of Asha

My mummy is having a break from writing historical posts, so instead I am in charge of writing about what I did today.

On Sundays mummy serves us breakfast outside at 6:30am. It’s a bit tough getting to the food, we all climb over each other as soon as our bedroom door is opened and then run as fast as we can to our breakfast bowls, usually trying to trip mummy up as we go. Once we reach our bowls, we are very polite and take one bowl each, but Tully and Chico eat theirs very quickly and then move on to others’ bowls. Shay and I don’t usually eat breakfast until the rush is over, and Shay prefers biscuits anyway.

Today, like most days, we mooched around in the garden while our litter trays were scooped and our room was aired. Outside, the grass was still wet from overnight dew, and there were lots of bugs and beetles around in these early hours. Shay found a centipede and tapped it into a curl, then Tully and Shay ran around like crazy chasing each other. The rest of us just enjoyed the fresh air for a little while, but then I wanted to know where mummy was because I missed her overnight.

Pip and I headed back into the house about an hour after breakfast and mummy was in bed reading. We both took up our positions at the foot of her bed and had a little snooze. When she got up to potter around the kitchen, we image imageall took turns in checking in on her to see if she was doing anything interesting or maybe she had decided to feed us our lunch a few hours early (she hadn’t).  Pipi ran around the house warbling for a while – I don’t know why. And at one point mummy went into the spare room where the suitcases are, and put stuff in them, which made me unhappy. I went and sniffed everything and I DIDN’T pee on anything because that makes mummy’s face go purple and her mouth makes loud noises but I did accidentally get stuck in the room and mummy couldn’t hear me calling because she was outside doing a head count. That’s when she realised I was missing and rescued me. Then I went outside and found a bee floating and splashing in the pool. I tried get it but I couldn’t quite reach it – mummy says I have to be careful because of my “centre of gravity”, whatever that means. After I gave up, mummy rescued the bee so that no-one would fall into the pool trying to get it. Then I had a little nap under a bush.

After lunch was served and cleaned up, mummy took up her usual weekend position on the sofa with her laptop, doing “work work” which is catch up from the week past and preparation for the week ahead, and image image“fun work” which is playing with our blog and processing our photos. I always sit right next to her when she’s on the sofa so she can pat me regularly while I snooze. I had a play in the garden first with everyone else, then came inside next to mummy when we all had our afternoon nap during the hottest part of the day. Tully slept by mummy’s feet like always and Pip was next to us on the sofa. Chico, Kai and Shay slept outside in the shade and Lulu was inside on top of a cupboard. Later, it started raining and everyone came inside to sit near mummy.

We had dinner at 5:30 and after that, we went outside again until 8pm. Mummy turns on the outside lights for us and this is our favourite time. It’s exciting when it starts to get dark because lots of little bugs come out, and bats or birds start swooping the swimming pool for a drink. We stalk around looking for lizards and moths to chase and usually someone catches something. Last night Lulu caught a little lizard and took it in the house and when we all tried to look at it, she growled at us all most ferociously. Chico didn’t look though; he pretends he’s the only hunter in the house. Tonight we didn’t have any kills, just lots of hunting.


At 8pm mummy called us inside and we got just one small treat each for being good and not hiding in the garden when we were called. We raced around like crazy until bedtime, Pip ran on the wheel and so did Tully. Kai made his funny growly wailing noise and Shay smacked him on the head! Then he chased Lulu, who was very brave tonight and chased him back. Tully spent so long burying a small deposit in the litter tray that mummy had to go and remove him. I went outside on the catio for a while but there were fireworks which frightened me so I came back inside and sat next to mummy where it was safe. At 9:30 mummy prepared our room including three platters of snacks for us but she ran out of our favourite vitamins so we got a little bit of cream cheese instead. She came into our room with us for a while to chat and play some games and make sure we were all okay. Then she left to go to her bed, and I took my favourite position on the kitties’ bed on the soft creamy blanky.

Tomorrow is Monday and I get to do it all again!



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